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Purito Seoul

A game-changer in the K-Beauty market, Purito’s skincare products are concocted with natural ingredients and no toxic additives. You can now enjoy the best of what this eco-friendly brand offers via 6skinsuae, the go-to destination in Dubai for all your skincare solutions. Purito’s brightening, lightening, and anti-ageing lines include products such as Pure Vitamin C Serum, Centella Green Level Calming Toner, Defense Barrier Ph Cleanser, Pure Hyaluronic Acid 90 Serum, and Cica Clearing BB Cream. Regardless of your skin type or concern, there’s something for everyone at Purito. Wipe away all traces of makeup without aggravating your skin using the From Green Cleansing Oil. The Centella Green Level Calming Toner is a product you must try after your cleansing routine. It soothes your skin and balances its natural moisture barrier. To wrap up your daily routine, you’ll find that the Centella Green Level Recovery Cream is a great moisturizer that will leave you with long-lasting supple skin.

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