Easy ways to avoid getting sun spots during summers!

Getting sunburnt, suntan, and freckles during summers is very common. Having sunspots or freckles does not imply that your skin is being damaged by the sun more than others. We all have things that are genetically hard-coded into our skin, and pigmentation from heat and sun is simply one that some people have to deal with. Not everyone likes sun spots or freckles on their skin and to avoid them you should follow these steps:

• Make sure you apply Sunscreen daily Applying sunscreen regularly is of great importance. When your skin is exposed to the sun a lot, you tend to get tan or sunburnt, which increases the chances of getting sunspots. While spending time outdoors, you should apply sunscreen every 2 hours at least. It can be challenging to reapply sunscreen if the texture is greasy and for that reason, Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen is my go-to sunscreen! It protects your skin from harsh sun rays and blocks all UVA/UVB rays. It has SPF 50 and is fragrance-free and paraben-free with a moisturizing formula that instantly melts and evenly spreads on your skin. It is suitable for skin types, soft or dry.

• Try to keep your skin cool While sunscreen can prevent suntans and sunburns, it can’t prevent the skin from getting overheated, so keep your skin cool in the following ways:

  • •  Always find a place with shade.
  • • If you’re out in the sun, put an ice compress or cold washcloth on the back of your neck.
  • • Splash skin with ice-cold water to lower the skin’s internal temperature.
  • • Use Snailwhite Glow Potion AHA-BHA Toner after using the Purito Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser for cleansing, to provide a cooling effect.
  • • Keep a gel-based mask, like the Chamomile Lightening Hydrogel Face Mask, in the fridge and apply it to clean skin for 15 minutes. It will cool the skin and hydrate thirsty skin cells and bring out your inner glow. It has five times more vitamin C than lemon and is enriched with potent citron extracts for brighter and lighter skin.
  • • Use Retinol even during summers Retinol and retinoids have an active form of vitamin A, which is one of the most effective ingredients that helps preventing sun spots. With continued use, it can smooth and resurface the skin while keeping pigment cells under control.
  • •  Apply a Skin Brightener under your Sunscreen A skin brightener can suppress melanin cells, helping to fade and prevent summer sun spots. Using the Commonlabs Vitamin C brightening cream in conjunction with daily sunscreen can even significantly increase UV protection! It has pure vitamin C and sea buckthorn water which helps revive dull skin and boosts moisture.
  • • Wear Hats and Sunglasses Wearing hats and sunglasses are effective ways to cover the face and skin around the eyes, which is one of the first areas to show signs of aging. It also prevents you from squinting in bright light, which in turn, prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming.


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