How Often Should You Apply Skin Brightening Cream?

Before we dive deeper into how often a skin brightening cream should be applied, it is essential to get answers to some of the crucial aspects to understand skin brightening creams better.

What is Skin Brightening Cream and How Does it Work?


Skin brightening cream is a local application medicine that seeps deep into the skin. Then, it targets melanocytes. These are cells that comprise melanin, liable for a dark color in bodies. Melanistic beings possess dark/black fur, and melanistic characters have dark epidermis. 


Skin brightening procedures use lasers that can specifically target melanistic spots on the epidermis, such as patches and acne marks, to end the melanocytes and devise lighter skin. You can’t do those at the house, so we’re concentrating on skin creams now.


Skin brightening creams demand a little time to begin working and even prolonged periods to remove a blemish altogether. It is because they hold a poor concentration. Higher concentrations of the elements associated can create problems and risks, which we’ll explain later. 


Typically, a skin brightening cream will require 3-4 weeks to begin displaying outcomes, and 3-4 times that to eliminate a blemish and compose an even skin tone in the desired area. You mustn’t over-apply it, particularly if you possess darker skin naturally. 


Note that if you have been using a particular skin brightening cream for over 3-4 weeks and can not see any visible
results, you must realize that it will certainly not work for you. So either you change the skin brightening cream or drop the plan altogether.


How Often Should You Use Skin Brightening Cream?


Generally, you should go as per the instruction label that comes with the cream if you do not have a medical recommendation for the cream. Ideally, a skin brightening cream must not be over-applied because of the risks described in the next section. The problem with underapplying the cream is it won’t show effects. So, it would help if you were careful of the frequency and duration of the applications of these creams. Ideally, you may opt for once or twice a day over a cleaned and dried face and should be careful about the hour you apply it for. 

Are There Any Perils with Applying Skin Brightening Creams?

Sadly, yes. Skin brightening is a method that kills certain species of cells in your epidermis, with the belief that those that substitute them are lighter in the shade. As a result, it can have a mixture of unintended outcomes and side impacts. Most of these side effects are minor and very rare. If you apply a skin brightening cream optimally, you won’t even have to worry about these. However, to be careful, initially test the product on a tiny bit of skin on your thighs or underarms before applying it to your face. This process is known as a swatch test and must be performed before using any skin product, especially those applying for the face.


It doesn’t operate on light stains. 


Light-colored blemishes and stretch lines, for instance, are not genuine targets for a skin brightening cream.Typically, these creams are ideal for blemishes, contraceptive potting, acne marks, scratch scars, etc. However, it will not assist with problems like vascularity, cellulite, or deep scars. Also, it would help if you remembered that skin brightening creams are only meant for smaller areas and do not overdo by applying them all over your body.


It can give skin dry and flaky touch.


Many people feel minor to significant impacts of these creams, including itchiness, dry skin, redness, and flaky skin. Try several skin brightening creams if you see any of these side effects, or try applying it in addition to a moisturizer and protecting the skin barrier.


It doesn’t prevent future spots. 


Skin brightening cream helps lighten and eliminate spots you already have, but note that it is not for futuristic uses. You can’t rely on these for new scars or marks appearing on your face. For example, if you get acne marks, these picks can reduce them, but you may have new spots if you have them in the future.


Some standardized components can cause serious side effects. 


In particular, hydroquinone, one of the highly used components in skin brightening creams induce cancer when not used properly. It is the reason for it’s profoundly regulated and restricted to prescription practices; you necessitate a doctor to ascertain that only such a treatment can remove the spot and that the chance of side effects deserves the result. Moreover, elements like mercury can brighten skin and create mercury poisoning, which can be complex or challenging to handle depending on the conditions.


Your skin becomes more susceptible to UV rays. 


Skin brightening creams work directly on your external skin cells and have your epidermis cells blocked or transformed to new. Therefore these new cells don’t possess the ability to deal with the harmful UV rays immediately. Hence, using skin brightening cream can increase your sensitivity to the sun and may also lead to increased sun damage on even a slight exposure.


Use while pregnant can motivate congenital disabilities. 


The same logic that a skin brightening cream can destroy organs can reach into the placenta and induce injury to an unborn baby. So if you’re pregnant or attempting to become pregnant, you should either end the practice of skin brightening procedures or consult your doctor beforehand to be safe.


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