How To Prevent Skin Aging: Anti-Aging Skincare Basics?

Nobody enjoys aging or looking older with skin becoming dull and pale. We all struggle every day with immense
stress, be it about work, family, relationships, life, whatnot! This stress is visible on our faces through the changes in the skin. The quality starts degrading; your eyes start looking dull, you start having wrinkles and blemishes, your lips go dry and pale. Many visible signs depict that your skin is aging and needs extra attention and care. Dermatologists at 6Skins suggest investing in an anti-aging skincare routine and adopting one suitable for your
skin in your early years to slow the aging process. They also recommend attending to the natural causes which may lead to aging and taking necessary precautions against them. Here are a few reasons that your skin may age due to
environmental factors:-


Sun Damage:


Even before we start discussing it, you know it is true. Sun damage is the most visible one- you have tanned skin, burns, rashes, rough patches on exposed skin, irritability, etc. Over the years, few minutes a day in the afternoon sun can cause your skin to age earlier than you thought. Sun damage is prevalent in those with fair complexion, but those with darker ones also have their share of challenges with the sun.




Cigarette smog is a significant contributor to skin aging. Studies depict that smokers are more prone to produce intensely wrinkled, tough skin compared to nonsmokers. Some who smoke also develop an ailing yellowish tint to their appearance. 




Car exhaust and other pollution prevalent in urban regions is a skin rival. Pollution produces free radicals-oxygen particles deprived of their electrons. Due to these, free radicals look for replacement electrons and try to gain them from skin collagen. Hence, this entire process degrades the skin quality.


Not Correctly Removing Makeup:


If you don’t clean your makeup before bed, you obstruct your pores and block the air exposure your skin requires to
stay fit. Frequently keeping your makeup on during the night creates enduring damage. Also, you must remove it perfectly, not scratching your skin too much. Clean your makeup as tenderly as feasible. Do not rub on your skin, as this hinders the natural elastin in your skin, which is responsible to keep your skin flexible and in place.


Lack of Moisture:


Dry skin is not directly a reason for aging but a sign – it’s a warning that your epidermis isn’t carrying enough moisture for its repairing enzymes to operate rightly. When these enzymes malfunction, your skin’s entire repairing process slows down- the inflammation produced by the sun, inadequate diet, and contamination. 


Anti-aging skincare basics


Having an excellent anti-aging skincare routine is what is needed the most. Ensuring that your skin is perfectly healthy and fit for self-recovery through minor damages prevents aging. Here is a list of must-haves for your anti-aging routine.


A good-quality sunscreen


SPF 30 or greater! Perhaps the essential thing you can apply on your face every day now will retain your younger-looking skin for years to come. Even if it’s indistinct, UV rays exist, and accidental sun susceptibility (walking to school, traveling to and from the car) all sums up. To support your skin, decrease the time you spend out in the sun. 


A topical exfoliant


This action isn’t an imperative must but is supported. Topical exfoliants eliminate the top cover of dead skin follicles, which enhances skin flexibility, unclogs pores, and provides your skin moisturizers better. Additional research indicates that alpha and beta-hydroxy acids in exfoliants can increase collagen production, an ingredient in which your skin suffers as it ages.  

Prevent skin aging with your diet

Here are few essential foods you must include in your diet for maximum anti-aging effect:-


    • Fruits: Papayas, oranges, mangoes, cantaloupe,
      berries (all types), grapefruits


    • Vegetables: Spinach, squash, leaf lettuce,
      carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes


    • Whole Grains


    • Oils: Olive oil, avocado oil


    • Green Tea, Espresso


    • Nuts: Almonds and raisins


    •       Dark Chocolate





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