Skin health can reflect your true beauty

“Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” The idea of looking beautiful is not entirely dependent on one’s body, one’s skin also reflects that. The first thing that people see when they look at someone is their skin. Applying a little bit of sunscreen or moisturizer is the least one could do to maintain their skin. It shows that they’re taking care of themselves, and their beautiful skin reflects it. Living in the U.A.E, with all the exposure to sun and heat, taking care of one’s skin becomes more important. Figuring out what works best to take care of your skin during summers is a task. A few tips for maintaining your skin health are:

• Eat skin-healthy foods- What you eat is just as important as the products you put on your skin. Your diet could improve your skin health from the inside out, so a clear complexion begins with a nutritious diet. Some skin healthy foods to include in your diet would be Mangoes, Soy, Kale, Tomatoes, Green Tea, etc

• Keep your skin moisturized- Moisturizers like Commonlabs Vitamin C brightening cream keep the skin cells hydrated and seal the moisture in. These moisturizers are featherlight and fruity. They enhance your natural glow and nourish your skin. It contains pure vitamin C and sea buckthorn water that revives dull skin and boosts moisture.

• Protect your skin from the sun- Include sunscreen to your daily makeup routine and skincare. Snailwhite Sunscreen- CC is ultra-lightweight and a completely oil-free CC cream. It is a perfect product to protect your skin from sun damage and enhance your complexion.

• Maintain a routine for your skin- Just like you wash your hands to remove dirt and sweat, you should also wash your face to rid it of impurities. Use Purito From Green Cleansing Oil to cleanse your skin and nourish the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals hile calming irritation and limiting sebum. Or use the Purito From Green Deep Foaming Cleanser. It cleanses the skin while maintaining an acid mantle of pH of 5.5 and is free from chemical surfactants like SLS and SLES, which is ideal for those with sensitive and delicate skin. It is also enriched with Centella extract that helps further boost the skin’s barrier. Order these products and let your healthy skin reflect how beautiful you are.


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