Veganism in the beauty industry

Veganism is a rapidly spreading notion around the world that has prompted a change in our way of life, and for good reason. People are becoming increasingly conscious of ethical responsibility in many parts of their lives, including the cosmetics they use on a regular basis. As this way of life becomes more popular, so does the opportunity for entrepreneurs to research, develop, and promote safe and vegan beauty products, as well as the value of veganism in cosmetics. 

Vegan products have grown in popularity as a result of conscious consumerism, which has highlighted the viability, cost, and benefits of using vegan products. When you choose non-animal-tested items, you’re also avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic pigments. These cosmetics are gentle on your skin and reduce the chances of breakouts, allergies, and inflammation. 

The Korean cosmetic brand PURITO has a line of vegan-friendly skin care products certified by the globally recognized EWG safety standard. 

The brand name “PURITO” is a compound word made up of the terms “purify” and “ (a Chinese character for “dirt”)”. It refers to natural components that are safe and pure and come from cleans oil. 

PURITO’s corporate philosophy includes a strong commitment to ethics and environmentalism as the range contains no harmful additives and is cruelty-free. All items are packaged and transported with recycled paper, in addition to using natural ingredients. 

PURITO Centella Green is free of toxic additives, animal components, and animal testing, and thus aligns with the global consumer movement toward more ethical and environmentally friendly cosmetics. Centella Asiatica, a strong substance rich in amino acids and noted for its anti-aging qualities, is used in the Centella Green series. The range is designed to be water-based rather than alcohol- based, the line is likely to appeal to those with sensitive skin. 

“We believe only natural and necessary ingredients should be added to derma cosmetic products, avoiding the use of alcohol and other potentially harmful ingredients such as PEGs, Phenoxyethanol and artificial flavoring agents.” says Sunny Kim, director, Purito.


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